Welcome to the easiest, safest and quickest way to rent timeshare.
We fully assist you in managing your timeshare account, booking your personal vacations and doing rental on your unused points. You will be assigned a team of experienced agents that are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to make sure you get the most out of your ownership and our service.
Huge Demand
We are the largest third-party management and rental agency in the nation, helping point-based timeshare owners and guests since 2011. We partner with the largest online travel agencies in the world and get exposure to over 100 million renters a month, making it easy to get your excess points rented out.
No Expense
We are performance-based, which means you will never pay us for any of our services. We get paid from the rental transactions we do for you, splitting the proceeds on each rental with you. This allows us to focus on getting you top dollar for each reservation because as your share goes up, so does ours.
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Step 1: You Hire Us
We have a simple two-page agreement you would fill out, which authorizes us to make, modify and/or cancel reservations on your behalf.
Step 2: You Allocate Points
You allocate points to us for the purposes of doing rental. You can change this number at any time and you can allocate as many points as you want.
Step 3: We Advertise Dates
We are listed on all the largest online travel agencies in the world making it easy for renters to find us. We receive thousands of inquiries every single month.
Step 4: We Book Reservations
Once we’ve confirmed that a room is available for the guest, we pick up the reservation in your account using the points you allocated to us.
Step 5: We Manage Transactions
We will handle every aspect of the rental transaction from start to finish. Everything from collecting payment to getting the guest checked-in.
Step 6: We Pay You
You will never pay us any money. We split the rental proceeds with you on each transaction and mail you a check for your portion with a detailed statement.
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What makes ResortShare different from other listing agencies?
We aren’t a listing site – which means you don’t book reservations and list them with us. We are a full-service management agency, which means we will help with all aspects of your ownership including renting any points you are not using. You simply tell us how many points you want to rent and we do all the work from there.

Due to the marketing reach we have through the online travel agencies, we don’t need to rely on the pre-booking model that many smaller agencies do. Instead we have the luxury of being able to answer incoming requests from thousands of guests per month, picking up exact reservations for the guest instead of guessing at what a potential guest will want to book.

How much does it cost to work with ResortShare?
Nothing – there is no out-of-pocket cost. We get paid out of the rental income, splitting it with you on every transaction. We believe in this performance-based model because it’s no risk for owners to use our service and it incentivizes us to get top dollar for every transaction since it’s a percentage split.
What timeshares does ResortShare work with?
We work with most of the large point-based ownerships and have some pilot programs for smaller point-based ownerships as well. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a program for fixed or floating week ownerships – although we hope to eventually. If you would like to know if we can rent your timeshare, please reach out to one of our helpful agents and they can check for you.
Am I allowed to do rental on my timeshare points?
This is something you will have to check with your timeshare company directly as some of them have different rules about this. In general though, most of the point-based programs allow you to do rental with the caveat that you are not doing it for ‘commercial gain or investment purposes’. As you probably already know, timeshare is not meant to be an investment property – nor can we help turn yours into one. We believe wholeheartedly that you should vacation on your timeshare. However, our service provides a great way to help offset the expense of owning when you can’t use all your points.
Can I cancel my agreement with ResortShare without penalty?
Yes, you can cancel at any time with as little as 30 days’ notice. The ResortShare team will do everything they can to move any future rental reservations out of your account into our other clients’ accounts, however in the event the reservation can’t be moved we would just ask that you honor it for the sake of the guest and we would split that rental income with you the same as any other transaction.
How long does it take to get my points rented?
Typically, our clients see activity within the first week or two after signing up with ResortShare. Depending on how many points you allocate to our rental program, it can take many transactions to use up all the points. While we have a very high success rate and we do a lot of bookings within 90 days of check-in, it’s generally not recommended to allocate us points that are close to expiration. The more time we have to get your points rented, the higher likelihood of success.
How much money can I make from the rental?
There are a lot of factors that can play into this. Location, date and room size are just the beginning – our revenue management team looks at hundreds of factors including comparable properties in the area, local events, key dates and availability of rooms to price every listing. Since we are on a performance-based percentage split with our clients, it’s in our best interest to get as much money as possible on every transaction for you.

Generally speaking our clients are able to offset their maintenance fees and in some cases, make a little more, however our service won’t turn your timeshare into an investment property by any means. For historical averages on your specific timeshare, please reach out to one of our friendly agents and they can get those for you.

How many points should I allocate to ResortShare?
This is entirely up to you – we don’t have any minimum or maximum expectation from our owners. We want you to take the vacations you want and allocate whatever points you can’t use to our rental program. Even though we don’t have any minimum, it is important to remember that there are practical limitations to points. You should ensure that we can at least book one or two reservations with the points that you allocate to us – otherwise you may not see any activity.
Can I change the number of points allocated to ResortShare?
Yes, you can change this number at any time. It’s not uncommon for owners to give us a small number of points to start and then bump it up later once they’ve confirmed their personal usage. The only time you can’t change the number of points allocated to ResortShare is when they have already been used to secure a guest’s vacation.
How do you choose which owner you give a rental transaction to?
We have a computer do it. When we were smaller we managed this by hand, but we now manage thousands of reservations in hundreds of accounts and had to develop a program to help us with this process. It’s our goal to distribute rental transactions fairly between all our owners, getting as close as possible to renting out all their points, so there are a number of factors that are considered when distributing rental transactions. These include the number of available points, transaction limitations or fees, time since last rental and type of property. So for example if you allocated 10x the amount of points another owner did, you would likely see 10x the activity but at roughly the same pace as the other owner.
Does ResortShare notify me of each booking?
No, unfortunately when you do as much volume as we do it is nearly impossible to notify all of our clients every single time. However, you can directly monitor activity by logging into your timeshares online account or by checking in with the ResortShare team 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We track and monitor every reservation and we will also send you detailed statements for every transaction so you have full written record of all account activity.
Am I liable if a guest damages a unit using my points?
Typically, the resort itself does everything they can to have the guest hold liability. We attach the guests name to each reservation and then the front desk at the resort will require them to show a government issued ID as well as a credit card for incidentals or damages. Of course, in serious situations the resort would get you involved since you own the property. This is where we would step in to settle with the guest, since they agreed to very specific terms and conditions when they booked with us.
When do I get paid from ResortShare?
About 30 days after the check-in date. We process owner payments in one week batches for all the reservations that checked-in four weeks prior. So, you should have your check and detailed statement about a month after each reservation checks-in.
What happens if my points don’t get rented?
You are right back at square one before you met us. While we have a very high success rate and incredible demand for points – it’s possible that some points could still be leftover at the end of your use year. Since these points are still in your account you will have all the same options you normally do with unused points. Many timeshare programs allow you to bank points, save them, convert to maintenance fees or apply towards credit card programs. Your account manager will notify you when it doesn’t look like the last of your points will get rented.
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Client Experience
“I was skeptical, but eager to try out a company that doesn't ask for money up-front. Several days after signing up we had a week rented. The money came in a very timely manner. The whole process was very thorough and professional. I am glad I joined.”
Scott and Traci – Sauk City, Wisconsin
“Having searched long and hard for ways to offset timeshare maintenance costs, we were delighted when we researched ResortShare and found nothing negative. We decided to go with them but were still a bit apprehensive at first. There always seems to be a catch! Having now been their partner for quite a while, we could not be more satisfied! Rental payments have been promptly made and communication is excellent. Questions have been promptly and satisfactorily answered, usually within 24 hours.”
Julie – Port Clinton, Ohio
“As a timeshare owner, and having had negative experiences with other companies previously that promised rentals, this has been an extremely pleasant experience!!! To date, I have successfully rented to many travelers without a hitch. I am thrilled about working with ResortShare.”
Keith – Goleta, California
“We were uneasy at first, but became clients and have been quite satisfied with the service we receive. In the time since signing up, they have rented 65% of our points and covered 80% of our maintenance fees. Are we happy?? You bet!! The service is good too. Our calls are answered promptly. They are unfailingly courteous and answer our questions until they are satisfied that we have all the information we asked for.”
Roger – Ontario, Canada
“We were very skeptical when first approached by ResortShare to join. We had been scammed so many times that we had become very cautious. Guess what?? You proved to us very shortly that you would do what you said you would. It wasn't very long after we signed up with you that we saw positive results.”
Paul – Bozeman, Montana
I almost didn't sign up with ResortShare because I had been burned twice in the past by companies that claimed they would help me offset my maintenance fees, but I am sure glad I did. In the first 30 days I had multiple rental transactions, amounting to over $3,000 in rental income to apply toward my maintenance fees for the year.”
Edward – Jacksonville, Florida
“We have enjoyed visiting your office and have been satisfied with the service provided. Especially helpful was the arrangement of points to get the Hawaii vacation set up and the rental arranged in Waikiki when we started. Thank you!!”
Dan – Plymouth, Indiana
“ResortShare has been very busy making all those reservations on my account and had the points that would have expired at the end of December all taken care of. Wow, 36 reservations… I am very impressed. I want to thank you and your team for taking care of us. Thanks for all your hard work.”
Jim and Carlotta – Seattle, Washington
“We received numerous calls through the years, none of which we were interested in. We did go with someone prior, putting in money up-front and never saw any results from them. We have been extremely pleased with ResortShare and the service that we've gotten from them. If we have any questions, we call and get to speak with a live person immediately who can help us out!”
Milt and Cheryl – Kingwood, Texas
“As a timeshare owner who has been badly burned twice by paying up-front fees for rental, I was very skeptical of working with another company claiming to help me handle my available points. ResortShare assured me there will never be any request for money and I have been pleased that their claims, and practices have been honorable. They have now lined up three rentals (and secured the promised payments) in the last 6 months. They have also skillfully managed all of my VIP ownership benefits to stretch my points to their maximum potential.”
Tom and Helen – Lakewood, Colorado
“We recently had travel plans with a group of friends and had booked a four-bedroom presidential suite. Needless to say this is a significant number of points expended. My contact at ResortShare called me for permission to rebook the room in order to save us some points. I was a bit uneasy about using my VIP benefits, but decided to give him the go ahead. He called back shortly and had saved us 480,000 Wyndham points. Wow! That's another very nice vacation! Thanks to ResortShare and the entire staff who do a great job and perform a valuable service.”
Bill – Port Clinton, Ohio
“I requested two days in Sedona and a week in Anaheim to complete our fall trip this year. The ResortShare team called the next day and had the confirmations we requested. They were very efficient and communicated well. Thank you.”
Marjorie – Plymouth, Indiana
“After signing up, we were on a trip to Southern California. While staying nearby at a resort we thought it would be neat to visit the ResortShare office. We were impressed with their office, their staff, their knowledge & processes and the overall positive hard work they are doing. Their growing business is, I believe, withness to their effectiveness. We are pleased to do business with them.”
David and Nancy – Oakland, Iowa
“I am very pleased to be able to say that after working with ResortShare for some time that the staff has been very accessible and have never failed to return my calls or provide me with information that I requested. They have, to date, been the reliable timeshare rental company that I had hoped to find and work with for a long time.”
Elizabeth – Goleta, California
“We appreciate the quality of service we have gotten if we call you with a question or concern. It is addressed and answered immediately or with a prompt call back. Thank you for being there and responding.”
Mary – Bozeman, Montana
“We joined at the end of April 2011… we have been very, very happy with the results that ResortShare has provided since.”
Randy and Thea – Oro Valley, Arizona
“We've been timeshare owners for 7 years and have 1.3 million Wyndham points… In the first year they rented more than half our points and covered more than 100% of our maintenance fees! Their service is prompt and efficient - we are real happy clients of ResortShare!”
Anne – Ontario, Canada
“I have been a timeshare owner for about 26 years… My husband is the most skeptical person in the world and we weren't sure that we wanted to join. We were never interested in selling our timeshare since we love it. Instead ResortShare has been very helpful and friendly with the management of our timeshare. We have been very pleased with the service that your employees have provided at this point... I absolutely have no qualms about referring your organization and your people to any of my friends.”
Sheri and Don – Lilburn, Georgia
“When first contacted, we hesitated to take the leap. Due to illness, we ended up with many points we couldn't use. ResortShare has rented the points we can't use. Since March 2011, they have done everything they promised. When we call or e-mail, we get a quick reply. Tom and I trust them and they are the real thing... an honest and caring company.”
Joyce and Tom – Albuquerque, New Mexico